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One of the most advanced chemical and microbiological laboratories in Africa

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive range of analyses for the food related industries under one roof. We continuously add new methods and tests as the market evolves and new client needs are identified. We engage with our clients on their requirements as their input guides our new test development program.

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From Consulting to a comprehensive range of Analytical Services

Our specialists provide consultation on the assessments and advise on environmental hygiene management programmes, interpretation of analytical results and advice on nutritional analyses, as well as assistance with pathogen management in production facilities. We also offer a comprehensive range of chemical, nutritional, elemental, vitamin, pesticide MRL, routine food microbiological, food pathogen analyses.

Latest News

February 21, 2022

Lab Testing: Hunting for Pathogens on Poultry

The mishandling or undercooking of raw chicken meat associated with the recent Foster Farms Salmonella outbreak has sickened nearly 340 people across 20 states and Puerto Rico since March and has…
February 21, 2022

Hygiene control in food safety

Microchem has a team of Hygiene Inspectors that are able to assist with sampling and basic training at your facility to ensure that the key elements of food hygiene are…
February 21, 2022

New multi-residue testing for avocados

Microchem Lab can now offer Multi-residue pesticide analysis on Avocados as well as Phosphonic acid and Fosetyl – Al analysis as a target analysis. The Microchem Pesticide Laboratory prides itself…

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